Colloquia and Seminars in EOAS

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Wed Apr 16 9:00 AM ESB 5108

Jacqueline Colborne of UBC
Stratigraphic, Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Development, Upper Devonian Big Valley Formation, southern Alberta


Thu Apr 17 10:00 AM ESB 5108

Geidy Baldeon
Geo-referenced Landslide Information System for Characterization of Landslide Hazards at the Reservoir Scale, Bridge River Watershed, Southwestern, B.C.
(SV: )


Thu Sep 18 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Mark Harrison of UCLA
(Departmental Host: Garry Clarke & Dominique Weis )


Thu Oct 23 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Michael Garcia of University of Hawaii, Manoa
A fresh look at the Hawaiian Chain
(Departmental Host: Dominique Weis )


Tue Sep 10 4:00 PM SEG 2103 Fall Distinguished Lecturer ESB 5104

Carl Regone of Houston, Texas
Acquisition modeling: expect the unexpected
(Departmental Host: SLIM )

Thu Sep 12 1:30 PM ESB 5106

Benjamin Scheifele of UBC

( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: New Insights from a Unique Case Study )

Thu Sep 12 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Ken Hickey of EOAS, University of British Columbia
Paleo-heat flow and the longevity of fossil hydrothermal systems – making giant gold deposits in a geological instant
(Departmental Host: James S. Scoates )

Tue Sep 17 9:30 AM ESB 5108

Britt Bluemel of UBC
"Biogeochemical expressions of buried REE mineralization at the Norra Kärr Alkaline Complex, southern Sweden"
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: EOAS )

Tue Sep 17 12:30 PM Room 200 Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Rd)

Brendan Robert Smithyman of UBC
Developments in waveform tomography of land seismic data with applications in south-central British Columbia
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: EOAS )

Wed Sep 18 12:30 PM Room 203 Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Rd)

Adam Thomas Simmons of UBC
"Magmatic and Hydrothermal Stratigraphy of Paleocene and Eocene Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposits in Southern Peru"
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: EOAS )

Wed Sep 18 2:30 PM ESB 5108

Graham Dick of UBC
Development of an early warning time-of-failure analysis methodology designed for open pit mine slopes utilizing the spatial distribution of ground-based radar monitoring data
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: )

Wed Sep 18 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Shoichi Yoshioka of Kobe University
Three-dimensional numerical simulations of temperature, fluid flow and heat flow associated with subduction of the Philippine Sea plate beneath southwest Japan
(Departmental Host: Michael Bostock )

Thu Sep 19 4:00 PM Rm 203 Grad Student Centre

Dominique Rochelle Bourdin of UBC
A Calibrated Ensemble-to-Ensemble Probabilistic Forecasting System for Hydroelectric Reservoirs.
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Sep 19 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Olga Sergienko of Princeton
Dynamics, thermodynamic, hydrodynamic and flexural processes on bodies of ice
(Departmental Host: Marianne Haseloff )

Thu Sep 26 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Mike Behrenfeld of Oregon State University
Ecological underpinnings of plankton blooms
(Departmental Host: Philippe Tortell )

Fri Sep 27 1:00 PM ESB 5104

Beth Parker of University of Guelph
Building a Site Conceptual Model for Contaminant Transport and Fate in Fractured Sandstone and Shale
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: U.Mayer )

Mon Sep 30 2:00 PM ESB 5108

Kate Le Souef of UBC
Physical modelling of tidal resonance in a submarine canyon
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Oct 03 12:00 PM Lunch time talk ESB 5104

Eric Dunham of Stanford University
Origin of incoherent high frequency ground motion during earthquakes
(Departmental Host: Christian Schoof )

Thu Oct 03 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Eric Dunham of Stanford University
Earthquake Rupture Dynamics: From Repeating Earthquakes Beneath Volcanoes to Subduction Megathrusts
(Departmental Host: Christian Schoof )

Sun Oct 06 3:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Steve McNutt of Univ. Florida and AVO
(Departmental Host: Jellinek )

Wed Oct 09 10:00 AM ESB 5104

Greg McKenzie of UBC
Geology and Mineralization at Independence Creek: West-Central Dawson Range, Yukon Territory
(Departmental Host: Craig Hart, Jim Mortensen and Murray Allan )

Thu Oct 10 12:00 PM SEG 2013 North America Honorary Lecturer ESB 5104-06

Nick Moldoveanu of WesternGeco, TX
Evolution of marine acquisition technology after wide azimuth
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Felix Hermann / SLIM )

Thu Oct 10 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Alyssa Shiel of University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Systems to Trace Metals in the Environment
(Departmental Host: Dominique Weis )

Fri Oct 11 3:00 PM ESB 5104

Dr. Daniele Pedretti
EOAS Geological Engineering Seminar: Understanding and predicting anomalous transport in a heterogeneous aquifer: analysis and discussion from the use of convergent flow tracer tests
(Departmental Host: R.Beckie )

Thu Oct 17 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Jason Amundson of University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau
Iceberg-choked fjords: A "new" granular material
(Departmental Host: Valentina Radic )

Mon Oct 21 1:00 PM ESB 5104

Mallory Dalsin of UBC
The Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Wicheeda Carbonatite Complex, British Columbia
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Oct 24 1:00 PM ESB 5108

Andrea Dixon of UBC
Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Pegmatites on Mount Begbie, British Columbia
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Oct 24 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Ondrej Sramek of Univ. Colorado
Neutrino tomography of Earth's mantle
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Jellinek )

Fri Oct 25 3:00 PM ESB 5104

Dr. Armin Hosseinian of University of British Columbia
Numerical simulations of fluid flow through a single rough walled fracture
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Roger Beckie )

Tue Oct 29 12:30 PM Rm 203 Grad Student Centre

The Petrogenesis of the Ta-bearing Fir carbonatite system, Blue River, east-central British Columbia
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Oct 31 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Maya Kopylova of EOAS-UBC
How to make and destroy a diamond: The recipes from an Archean placer
(Departmental Host: TBA )

Thu Nov 07 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Eldad Haber of EOAS-UBC
Geophysical imaging of fluid flow in porous media
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Doug Oldenburg )

Fri Nov 08 3:00 PM ESB 5104

Dr. Alexander Preh of Technical University of Vienna
Gschliefgraben Earthflow (Austria): Hazard Evaluation and Risk Mitigation
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Roger Beckie )

Thu Nov 14 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Bernd Milkereit of University of Toronto
Seismic Imaging in the Presence of Strong Contrasts; How Forgetful are Seismic Waves?
(Departmental Host: Ron Clowes )

Thu Nov 21 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

John Stix of McGill University
The longevity of explosive volcanic eruptions
(Departmental Host: Dominique Weis )

Fri Nov 22 3:00 PM ESB 5104

Dr. Danyang Su of UBC
Development and application of a physics-based hydrology model utilizing cluster parallel computing
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Roger Beckie )

Mon Nov 25 12:30 PM ESB 5104-06

(Departmental Host: )

Mon Nov 25 12:30 PM Rm 203 Grad Student Centre

Leigh Gurney of UBC
An ecosystem study of the Prince Edward Island archipelago
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Nov 28 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Brian Cousens of Carleton University
Volcanism in the Great Basin, southwestern USA
(Departmental Host: Dominique Weis )

Thu Dec 05 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Diana Roman
The Secret Life of 'Quiescent' Volcanoes
(Departmental Host: Kathi Unglert )

Fri Dec 06 3:00 PM ESB 1012

Steve McNutt of Univ. Florida and the Alaska Volcano Observatory
Long Swarms and Short Swarms
(Departmental Host: Jellinek )

Wed Dec 18 11:00 AM ESB 5104

Mariko Ikehata of UBC
Evaluation of trace metal distributions (As, Cd, Pb) and Pb sources in sediments from a sound and an inlet on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
(Departmental Host: D.Weis )

Thu Jan 09 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

David R. Shelly of California and Yellowstone Volcano Observatories, USGS Menlo Park
Seismicity on the move: insights into faulting from migrating earthquake swarms and tectonic tremor
(Departmental Host: Michael Bostock )

Fri Jan 10 2:00 PM Rm 135 EOS Main

Brian McNulty of UBC
"Geology and fluid genesis of the Niblack polymetallic VHMS camp, southeast Alaska: Implications for Neoproterozoic VHMS ore-forming processes."
(Departmental Host: C.Hart )

Thu Jan 16 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Sarah-Jane Barnes of Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Trace elements concentrations in magmatic sulphides and oxides - Can we use them in petrogenetic studies and exploration programs?
(Departmental Host: Dominique Weis )

Thu Jan 23 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

W. Hagadorn of Denver Museum of Natural History
Death of a Megapredator
(Departmental Host: Maya Kopylova )

Thu Jan 30 12:30 PM ESB 5104

Leif Karlstrom of Stanford University
Temporal instabilities in volcanic conduit flow due to internal gravity waves and non-equilibrium degassing
(Departmental Host: Christian Schoof )

Thu Jan 30 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Leif Karlstrom of Stanford University
Crustal thickening and the long term evolution of arc magmatic systems
(Departmental Host: Christian School )

Mon Feb 03 3:00 PM Howard Street Robinson, SEG student chapter ESB 5104

Jacob Hanley of St.Mary's University
The origin and role of volatiles in the formation of magmatic Ni-Cu-platinum-group element deposits
(Departmental Host: Nader Mostaghimi )

Thu Feb 06 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Aaron Wech of United States Geological Survey, Anchorage
Slow earthquakes, megathrust hazards and subduction zone dynamics
(Departmental Host: Bostock )

Fri Feb 07 1:00 PM ESB 5108 ESB

Nadya Moisseeva of UBC
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Wed Feb 12 12:30 PM Special Lunch seminar with Pizza ESB 5104-06

Brad J. Hayes of Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: )

Thu Feb 13 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Kurt Grimm of University of British Columbia
Water's Planet: A New Synthesis of Earth, Life & Environmental Evolution, Communicated With Collaborative Conceptual Art
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: )

Thu Feb 20 4 PM ESB 5104-06

Jan Fietzke of Geomar
Boron isotope imaging via LA-MC-ICP-MS: insights into seawater pH variability on seasonal to centennial timescales
(Departmental Host: Marghaleray Amini )

Wed Feb 26 11:30 AM ESB 5104

Esther-Jeanne Bordet, of UBC
Eocene Volcanic Response To The Tectonic Evolution of the Canadian Cordillera
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Feb 27 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

NIcolas Estrade of EOAS, UBC
Quantification of freshwater remediation through mercury isotopes in fish from environmental archives
(Departmental Host: Dominique Weis )

Tue Mar 04 10:00 AM ESB 5104-06

Jessica Spurgin of UBC
Flow Dynamics Around Downwelling Submarine Canyons
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Tue Mar 04 6:00 PM Geological Engineering Distinguished Lecturer talk ESB 1012

Dave Petley of Durham University
Earthquake-induced landslides - lessons from Taiwan, Pakistan, China and New Zealand.
(Departmental Host: Erik Eberhardt )

Wed Mar 05 6:00 PM ESB 1013

David Archer of U. Chicago
PUBLIC TALK AT 7 pm and NOT 6 pm!!
(Departmental Host: Which is the scariest greenhouse gas? )

Thu Mar 06 4PM ESB 5104-06

David Archer of University of Chicago
Modeling the deep sedimentary carbon and methane cycles on continental margins (passive, active, and permafrost)
(Departmental Host: Garry Clarke )

Wed Mar 12 9:00 AM Room 200 Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Rd)

Carmen Teresa Emmel of UBC
Vertical distribution of carbon dioxide, water vapour, momentum and energy exchange within and above a forest stand affected by the mountain pine beetle
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Mar 13 12:30 PM ESB 5104-06

(Departmental Host: )

Thu Mar 13 12:30 PM ESB 5106

Lina Miao of UBC
Efficient Seismic Imaging with Spectral Projector and Joint Sparsity
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Mar 13 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

John Platt of Harvard University
Micron-scale strain localization and rapid weakening during seismic shear
(Departmental Host: Marianne Haseloff )

Fri Mar 14 12:30 PM Rm 203 Grad Student Centre

Evan Mathew Smith of UBC
"Fluid Inclusions in Fibrous and Octahedrally-Grown Diamonds"
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Wed Mar 19 11:00 AM ESB 5108

Mr. Jesse Ellis of BC Wildfire Management Branch
Careers as Fire Weather Forecasters
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Roland Stull )

Thu Mar 20 2:00 PM ESB 5104

Gareth Brown of SgurrEnergy Ltd
Galion Lidar: Understanding Wind Turbine Operating Conditions
(Departmental Host: Associate Director )

Thu Mar 20 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Chris Huber of Georgia Institute of Technology
Insight into Magma Chamber Dynamics from Multi-Scale Physical Modeling
(Departmental Host: Jellinek )

Wed Mar 26 12:30 PM ESB 5104-06

(Departmental Host: )

Wed Mar 26 12:30 PM Rm 203 Grad Student Centre

Martyn Golding of UBC
Biostratigraphy and sedimentology of Triassic hydrocarbon-bearing rocks in Northeastern British Columbia
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Mar 27 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Honn Kao of Pacific Geoscience Center, Geological Survey of Canada
An Overview of Episodic Tremor and Slip in Northern Cascadia and Around the World
(Departmental Host: Michael Bostock )

Fri Mar 28 1:00 PM Rm 5104, 2207 Main Mall

Peter Pecholcs, Director Land Broadband Solutions of CGG
A journey through time in search of Arabian giants - oil-gas fields, recording channels, and petabytes
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Felix Hermann )

Mon Mar 31 4:00 PM Room 203 Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Rd)

Kristina Anne Brown of UBC
A Multi-Tracer Study of the Role of Sea Ice in the Arctic Ocean Carbon Cycle
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Tue Apr 01 9:00 AM Room 203 Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Rd)

Holly Esther Peterson of UBC
Unsaturated hydrology, evaporation, and geochemistry of neutral and acid rock drainage in highly heterogeneous mine waste rock at the Antamina Mine, Peru
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Wed Apr 02 7:00 PM ESB 1013

Sean Crowe of UBC
7 pm PUBLIC TALK: Atmospheric oxygen and the evolution of fresh air
(Departmental Host: Jellinek )

Thu Apr 03 4:00 PM ESB 5104-06

Laurent Godin of Queen's University
Deformation processes in continental collision zones - a look back at 20 yrs of Himalayan research
(Departmental Host: Lori Kennedy )

Fri Apr 04 3:00 PM ESB 5104

Professor Carl Mendoza of University of Alberta
Hydrogeology,climate and constructed geology for reclaiming oil-sand mining landscapes.
( View Abstract ) (Departmental Host: Roger Beckie )

Wed Apr 09 10:30 AM ESB 5106

Art Petrenko of UBC
Accelerating an Iterative Helmholtz Solver Using Reconfigurable Hardware
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Thu Apr 10 10:30 AM ESB 5106

Gian Matharu of UBC
Investigating elastic anisotropy of the Leech River Complex
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Fri Apr 11 11:00 AM M-336a

Kang Wang of UBC
"The Life Cycle of Limacina helicina in Rivers Inlet B.C., Canada"
(Departmental Host: EOS-Main )

Fri Apr 11 1:00 PM ESB 5108

Jesse Mason of UBC
" On Improving Hub-Height Wind-Speed Forecasts"
(Departmental Host: )

Mon Apr 14 9:00 AM Room 200 Graduate Student Centre (6371 Crescent Rd)

May Wai San Wong of UBC
A fully-compressible nonhydrostatic cell-integrated semi-lagrangian atmospheric solver with conservative and consistent transport
(Departmental Host: EOAS )

Tue Apr 15 3:00 PM ESB 5106

Wesley Ashwood of UBC
Numerical model for the prediction of total dynamic landslide forces on flexible barriers

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