Catherine J. Hickson
Adjunct Professor
VP Exploration & Chief Geologist, Alterra Power Corp
Office:    Phone: 604-235-6706
Suite 600-888 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3K4


Ph.D. (UBC); P.Geo.

Research Interests

Dr. Catherine Hickson's responsibilities include management of the Vancouver Subdivision and the Multinational Andean Project. Her research interests include:

  • Quaternary and Recent volcanism in the Canadian Cordillera
  • Subglacial volcanism
  • regional geology of south central British Columbia (Taseko Lakes area),
  • volcanic and other geological hazards
  • scientific administration
  • emergency preparedness

Dr. Catherine Hickson is a Research Scientist (Volcanology) and Subdivision Head (GSC Vancouver). Her principal areas of expertise and research interest are in volcanology and mapping. She has more than 20 years experience working in volcanic terrain producing both large and small scale maps and detailed stratigraphic studies. She has mapped in the Canadian Cordillera (including large projects in the Queen Charlotte Islands and central British Columbia) as well as the Cordillera of South America (mainly Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru). She has considerable experience in other volcanic regions including the US, New Zealand, and Iceland. In addition to her extensive background in field work, she has considerable teaching experience. Dr. Hickson has designed and taught several volcanological field courses, lead field trips and contributed to short courses both here and abroad. She is an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia and teaches advanced volcanology. In addition, she has contributed to other courses in Cordilleran tectonics, geological hazards, Quaternary history, and emergency preparedness. She also is a sought after public speaker.

Selected Publications