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(News - Nov 27/14)
Paul Harrison's Book Launch at book Warehouse

Thursday Nov 27th, Paul Harrison (Emeritus OCGY) is doing a book launch and signing at the book Warehouse (4118 Main) on Main and King Ed from 7pm to 9pm. His book, The sea Among us - The Amazing Strait of Georgia, is beautiful and tells the scientific story of our local waters.

(News - Nov 25/14)
Brett Gilley's classroom efforts have been highlighted in Macleans.

Multiple choice, multiple students: Brett Gilley discusses the merits of the "two-stage test"
"...A recent study co-authored by Gilley showed higher retention of course material when students have collaborative group tests immediately after the individual test..." read more.

(Award - Nov 25/14)
William W. Hsieh will be presented the Patterson Medal

David Grimes, the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Meteorological Service of Canada, part of Environment Canada, will present the Patterson Medal for Distinguished Service to Meteorology to William Hsieh on November 25th in the PME from 10:00-11:00 am. Please join us for this intimate celebration.
See website for the Patterson medal.

(News - Nov 20/14)
Sean Crowe: Life in Earth's Archean oceans was starved for sulfate

Sean Crowe published a remarkable paper in Science on Nov 7th showing for the first time that Earth's early oceans were starved of sulfate. Using an elegant combination of novel mass spectrometric techniques on samples from the floor of Lake Matano, Indonesia and modeling studies Crowe and coauthors find that sulfate levels were below 0.01% of their concentrations in modern seawater. Critically, at such low concentrations Crowe argues that "...sulfate would have been poorly mixed and short-lived in the oceans and this sulfate scarcity would have shaped the nature, activity and evolution of early life on Earth".
Sean Crowe's paper in Science
Yuichiro Ueno's perspective

(Symposium - Nov 20-21/14)
CREATE-Atmospheric Aerosol Program is hosting a symposium at UBC

Our program, CREATE-Atmospheric Aerosol Program is hosting a symposium at UBC coming up this Thursday (Nov 20th) and Friday (Nov 21st). Please register (email to attend talks and network with provided refreshments. Registration is free, and all are welcome to attend. Please see the website for a full list of speakers and any updates:

(News - Nov 14/14)
UAlberta's next president is a UBC Oceanography alumnus.

The University of Alberta announces David Howard Turpin as its 13th president and vice-chancellor. David was a PhD student of Dr. Paul Harrison here at UBC.

(Talk - Nov 13/14)
Eric Holden talks on Winning the Clipper Round the World Race

UBC Atmospheric Science program alumnus, Mr. Eric Holden, won the Clipper Round the World Race as skipper of the yacht Henri Lloyd. After graduating with his ATSC BSc degree, he formed his own company Holden Meteorological Services, to provide forecasts tailored to yacht racing. This included being official meteorologist for the Canadian Sailing Team during the 2012 Olympics. He served as crew on many previous races, and last year was selected as skipper for the Clipper Round the World Race. The 64,300 km route included 16 races that brought the ships around the world (see route map). Eric will be giving a public talk: Thursday 13 Nov at 14:00 in room 5104 ESB
CBC news item

(News - Jul/14)
EOAS ATSC Alumnus first across line in Clipper Round the World Race

After 11 months, 64,000 kilometres and six continents, the Henri Lloyd sailed across the finish line of the s longest yachting race in first place Saturday, largely because its skipper is also a weatherman. Canadian Eric Holden, 33, and his crew completed the final leg of the event, from Den Helder, the Netherlands, to London, England, to win the Clipper Round the World Race. Full Story.

(News - Jul 30/14)
MAGNET hits the road: 2nd annual workshop in California

The Multidisciplinary Applied Geochemistry Network recently held a volcanology field workshop in California (June 14-21), with 25 participants from McGill, University of Toronto, Universitè du Quèbec à Chicoutimi and UBC (including 18 students, postdocs, faculty and staff from EOAS). The group explored two spectacular field sites - the Long Valley caldera and the highlands of the Medicine Lake shield volcano - which provided an opportunity to compare two large volcanic systems with different tectonic settings, plumbing dynamics, eruptive histories and products.
Full report & photos -

(Award - Jul 10/14)
Tad Ulrych wins the CSEG Medal

The CSEG Medal is awarded to a member of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysics who has made a long-standing contribution to the teaching , application or business development of exploration geophysics. Recognizing integrity as well as accomplishment, it is the highest award that the Society bestows. Full citation

(Award - Jul 9/14)
CGS Student Award Winners

Matthew Gray, Carlin Horkoff, Robert Kaplan and Jaime Loughlin won the 2014 Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) Student Competition in the Undergraduate Report (Group) category for their report titled "Inperfecto Project Pre-Feasibility Level Slope Design" which they prepared as their final assignment for EOSC 445 (Engineering Design Project) in 2014/15. The award includes a monetary prize of $500 per person, framed certificates, one year's membership in the CGS and free registration for each of them for the annual CGS conference being held in Regina, Saskatchewan this year. Congratulations Matthew, Carlin, Robert and Jaime!

(News - Jul 4/14)
Weather Forecasts for Special Olympics Canada Summer Games

Prof. Roland Stull and his research team in the UBC Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Dept are providing tailored weather forecasts for the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games, held at UBC during 6 - 12 July 2014. For more details see

(Award - Jul 2/14)
Corey Wall wins Early Career Researcher Award

Corey Wall, a PhD candidate in EOAS, was awarded the Early Career Researcher 2014 Award by the International Association of Geoanalysts for his work on developing a new uranium-lead zircon standard for ancient rocks in the Archean (older than 2.5 billion years). Corey presented his results on "Evaluation of the Stillwater Complex Anorthosite (ANII) as an Archean U-Pb Geochronology Standard" at the Goldschmidt Geochemistry meeting in Sacramento, California (June 9-13, 2014) and the award ceremony took place just prior to the last plenary session on Friday, June 13.

(Award - Jun 17/14)
Kathi Unglert wins Student award at the Seismological Society of America

PhD student Kathi Unglert won a Student Paper award for a talk she gave at the Seismological Society of America in April. Her talk was entitled: "Volcanic tremor and frequency gliding during the 2011 Kamoamoa eruption, Kilaueam Hawaii".

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